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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Amazing Facts About Human EYE - Must Read

Two Brother from Saikot, Pakistan - Killed Brutally [ Video ] You'll Cry

The two brothers were brutally killed because of a cricket match, some say because they were accused of being thief's, what ever the reason, this shows how poor security, humanity and government is in Pakistan, Here is the full story: The two brothers had several arguments with the murderers over who has the right to play in the cricket ground. on the day the two brothers were killed there was armed robbery in sailkot. one of the murderers brother was shot and there house was robbed. The whole area was alerted that there are armed robbers in the area and everyone start searching. The two brothers happened to be passing through there at the WRONG time. They had cricket equipment in there bag and were on motor bike. The murderers saw them and shouted "ITS THEM!!! they had a fight with us over cricket the other day, they are the robbers, they shot the man, GET THEM!!!" without any second thoughts the mob got the brothers aged 16 and 18 and beat them to death. You can hear one of the brother shouting please shoot us!!! don't hit us with sticks. According to the neighbours the two boys had never troubled anyone, they always had the highest marks at school, one of them knew the holy Quraan by heart. they are from a well respected family. Some people who knew them tried to rescue them, but they were beaten too. dozens of police could be seen there surrounding the area so no one jumps in to save the boys. I don't know what to call them, because no living creature will do what they did to the boys. Watch videos on utube. they beat them for 2-3 long hours then hanged them upside down. you could not see the guys mouth, nose or eyes, that's how much there faces were swollen from the beating. Lets hope they hang the murderers were the hanged the two innocent boys. RIP.
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