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Monday, July 9, 2012

[Top] 5 Motion Sensor Games for Android

Obsessed with motion sensor games on Kinect for Xbox 360 or PlayStation move?
Well, if you are crazy about moving n grooving up your body to the tunes of the motion sensing games plus you own an Android device, gear up to give Xbox & PlayStation a run for their money!

The Android Market (Play Store) hosts a variety of engrossing and gripping motion controlled games ready to pump up the adrenaline in you!
Here we have stacked up best 5 of the lot that you can download for free and kick boredom away :-


tilt 3d lyb Top 5 Motion Sensor Games for Android 

This is basically a labyrinth maze game that is tilt based. It emphasizes on 3D gameplay with realistic physics. You need to dodge the holes and roll past the walls to reach your destination.
It consists of 258 levels and you can even create your own levels and even share with your friends online.

2>Asphalt 5-
 asphalt 5 Top 5 Motion Sensor Games for Android
Zip Zap n Zoom away in your dream car! Now you can get behind the wheels of some of the best vehicles known viz. Ferrari, Lamborghini , Aston Martin, Ducati etc.(though not in real time but atleast get a taste of them on the virtual front).
Asphalt 5 supports online multiplayer gaming along with features like tuning up your car and even collecting your favourite ones. It boasts of 11 different leagues and 55 events!

penguin skiing 3D Top 5 Motion Sensor Games for Android 

This is a bone tickling 3D racing game. The gameplay is as smooth as butter, you just need to drive the penguin through the snow capped mountains.Do not forget to catch up the fishes!


racing moto Top 5 Motion Sensor Games for Android 
Give this a shot and addiction would not be far fetched! Racing through the traffic on your bike you justneedto tilt left or right to dodge the cars that come in your way. Keep accelerating to multiply your points.
Race through the desert, city, bridge, sea and forest! But be careful, the cars turning left n right might just come in your way and kaboom its all over!!


ABDUCTION Top 5 Motion Sensor Games for Android

This is one of the most popular motion sensor games on Android. In the gameplay, you just need to tilt your phone to follow the aliens who have abducted your friends!
On the way you need to grab power-ups while rescuing your friends. The games boasts a number of levels and challenges. You even have the liberty of creating custom levels.
So steel yourself to tackle the bustling race cars,annoying aliens and a world of obstacles not with a touch but with the finesse of your movements.

Let the game begin!!

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